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Secure your privacy 100% from future data breaches like Equifax

  1. Could you have two CPN's? Of course, you can. When you are the owner of the company,.
  2. Well we have examined all the CPN businesses on the.
  3. Cons: They have a few bad reviews from 4 years ago about an affiliate that worked for.
  4. My CPN File Review.
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Where you a victim of the recent Equifax breach? Are you afraid or believe your information could already be getting trolled on the dark web?

Are you concerned with your privacy and security?

Did you know you are legally titled to a different CPN Document (Credit rating Privacy Number) otherwise know as a Supplementary Credit rating Number through the 1974 Personal privacy Act Legislation?

Its true! Envision never having to worry again regarding your individual Social Protection Amount ( Social security number ) credit rating and personal profile being affected once again.

Have a new credit rating user profile as you focus on your SSN credit rating user profile.

You can start over lawfully!

Can start over lawfully

Here we will share with you precisely the best way to help a brand new credit rating user profile with a 700 FICO credit score in as little as 30 days for very little cash.

Ever wonder how politicians can remain private as well as how celebs get it done, how about See Safety concealing the whistle blowers, how does that actually work, right!

We went below include with 10 CPN SCN businesses on the web that “Promised” they would provide us a legitimate new credit file having a 700 credit rating that we could use for many things credit related like getting a home, apartment, new car, bank cards etc..

Only 3 CPN businesses made the cut!

Properly we now have reviewed all the CPN businesses on the web and sadly there is lots of scamming out there, Nevertheless, these 3 companies have verified them selves to stand out from the crowd as real genuine service providers in this industry with a track record of a legitimate structure and assistance when providing a United states Citizen a new Credit Personal privacy Number User profile which is completely separate from their primary SSN user profile.

Top of our list:

Top of our list

1. https://newcpnfile.com

New CPN File Review

Pros: Quality and fast service

Cons: A little pricey

2. https://ipowercreditservices.com

IPower Credit Services Review

Pros: Reasonably priced

Cons: They have a few bad reviews from 4 years ago about an affiliate that worked for them but other than that they have been providing good service since the turn of the millennium.

3. https://mycpnfile.com

My CPN File Review

Pros: Love their site very mobile friendly, good prices

Cons: A newcomer to the niche market but so far the clients have good new files and they are proving themselves.

***A special note about payment with these companies.

Special note about payment

Since the beginning of 2017 all merchant processor chips no longer allow Credit Repair Companies or CPN SCN companies to process payments through credit card or debit card.

Even the best companies within the space could only accept bank cable, financial institution deposit, check out deposit, Bitcoin, WesternUnion, and MoneyGram.

The upside we found with this was if you decide to use credit cards or debit credit card for the services you could potentially blend your SSN document with your new CPN document which defeats the purpose of getting the new document therefore we discovered this to actually be a secure function of the system for your protection of the new credit rating file.

Just what is a CPN? It represents Credit score User profile Amount which is the telephone number linked to your credit track record document. It is really an identification number to your financial standing up. In other words, when you available a merchant account or get a loan, your financial information is made and is also designated a CPN. This credit score information number can be your Social security number (Societal Security Number) or EIN (Company Detection Number), if you are the property owner of the organization, receiving a enterprise bank loan. As we discussed, it can be necessary to experience a CNP to obtain financing and pay your debts.

Your financial information is made

Are you able to have two CPN's? Sure, you may. If you are the homeowner of any business, you will get equally your own CPN, according to your Social security number, and a enterprise CPN (or EIN). It is actually often encouraged that, if you have an organization, you must not use your own monetary information to acquire lending options for your personal organization. It is because the greater amounts of money associated with operating a business and also the many inquiries accomplished for your enterprise could basically damage your own credit history. Also, when you have a reduced personal credit standing, it may have an effect on your capability to have excellent charges for personal loans to your enterprise.

Of any business you will

So, before you decide to leap to conclusions, take a moment and research the details. It is completely Okay to have a couple of credit history information, when you have an organization, as an illustration.

Completely Okay to have a couple

Appreciate your lawful new credit rating document!

Mark Anderson

Business Editor


  • Are you concerned with your privacy and security?.
  • Its true! Envision never having to worry once again about your personal Social Security Amount ( SSN ).
  • You can start more than lawfully!.
  • Possess a new credit rating user profile as you focus on your Social security number credit.

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